Comments and opinions about Trucks & Construction

«I am very happy to renew my subscription to Trucks & Construction. Your magazine is fantastic. Thank you very much.»

«Great magazine, especially like the collectors reports. Will definitely renew subscription again at the end of the year.»

«Recieved my magazine a few days ago. I love it. What a great addition to our hobby. Keep up the great work.»

«Today my collector friend and his wife came over for a short holiday visit. During the first cup of coffee he spotted my just arrived Trucks & Construction and we had a little dog fight to decide who would be the first to read the latest news in this unique full color magazine.»

«I very much enjoy your magazine!»

«I received your magazine last week and it exceeded all my dreams about it. This is what the collectors of heavy equipment needed! And I must say I'm already looking forward to the next edition of the magazine. I really love the report of the «colleague» collector and I hope that this is an item that returns in the following editions. But I would say go on with the good work and good luck.»

«Love your mag.»

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